April Berry Go Round

28 Apr

The April Berry Go Round is here and it has a dazzling rainbow of posts on plants’ use of color – a must read carnival by Johnna Roose!


Get those posts in for April’s Berry Go Round

15 Apr

The deadline is just 10 days away so get your posts in pronto! This month Johnna Roose is hosting over at New Under the Sun and the theme is color:

You can talk about your favorite colors, unusual colors, pigment biosynthesis, how plants use color, how humans have painted new colors onto our favorite plants, color patterns, temporal color changes etc. The canvas is blank and waiting for you. Of course, I’m supportive of posts about all photoautotrophs for those adventurous writers daring to step away from the plant kingdom and delve into algae, cyanobacteria and other microscopic photoautotrophs.

Berry Go Round eats weird plants

31 Mar

March’s Berry Go Round is up now on Emma the Gardener’s blog. She’s got some fun posts about unusual edible plants collected. I highly recommend heading over and checking it out!

Next month’s BGR will be at New Under the Sun and the theme is plants’ use of color. It’s spring in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern, so I know you’ve got something to send in!

Looking for posts about unusual edible plants

19 Mar

This month’s Berry Go Round will be hosted by Emma Cooper and will be all about unusual edible plants. What’s the weirdest plant you’ve ever eaten? Submissions must be in by the 26th.


Emma Cooper announces this month’s Berry Go Round

5 Mar

Emma Cooper announces this month’s Berry Go Round and theme over at her blog!